Saturday, January 16, 2010

Take Charge

I want to share a motivation talk that I attended last saturday. The title of the talk is Take Charge presented by Bro Rizal who was IIUM alumni. This is the second time I attended his talk. And guess what, when I read his biodata, his age is the same as mine. I wonder if I can give a great talk like that.

I really insipired and motivated after heard his talk. His talk very life with all his video and activities. He managed to capture all the audiences attention based on the responses from the audience. Actually the talk was organised for the students of CFS. Well, I also a student right. Hehehe...Actually I really need motivational talk for myself to motivate me completed my thesis. It is really challenging to complete your study while you are working and also being a mother and a wife. But it is not impossible right? Others can do, why not you, Nor Aini?(talk to myself).

What I learn from Rizal?

Every moment is a choice. Every choice is my choice. Life is full of choices. Choose-Lah!

Every problems has a solution. Every solution begins with me!

So, I choose to become a student. I choose to become a teacher. I choose to become a fellow. I choose to become a mother. I choose to become a wife. So I am rensponsible with my all my choices. No complaint because that is my choice. Stop bangauing. I must plan my strategies, so that I will excell in all my task, insyaallah.

Those interested to know about Rizal, you may check on his website:


maryam k. said...

saya setuju.
kdg2 nk complaint lbh pun x boleh.
sebab itu jln y kta pilih :)

aini said...

Yep. Matlamat kena jelas. Kalau cabaran besar camne pun kita kena tekad dan pastikan matlamat kita tercapai.