Sunday, October 18, 2009

MMC 2009

Mahallah Management Course(MMC 2009)

I have attend Mahallah management Course 2009 at Dusun Eco Resort from 16 until 18 October 2009. This course was organised for all those who manage mahallah from the mahallah office staff, RMDD staff, fellows and also principals.

Although the facilities in the resort are very basic, I really enjoyed the course. All the outdoors activities like jungle tracking and obstacle are very good. From the activities, all fellows can bound ukhwah and teamwork among us. Salute to Mdm Hazni, 52 years old who also sucesss do the jungle tracking. And for Mdm Rose Haliza who managed to climb the spider web.

The foods also marvelous such as Ikan patin masak tempoyak and kambing golek. The best part, of course durian especially durian tembaga. Very delicous....Overall I enjoyed the course and recharge my energy. Hope I manage to serve as better fellow for another one year.


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