Monday, June 1, 2009

Rusydi's activity

As usual, Rusydi will post ultraman when I took his picture. This pictures was taken last Sunday.

Last Sunday also, we went to a birthday party. The birthday boy was Dharwish, the son of my nephew, means rusydi's nephew. Rusydi is two years older than Darwish, I think the youngest 'uncle' in the family. My nephew also invited mascot from Mc'D but not Ronald Mc Donald, I am not sure the name of the mascot.

Rusydi was very excited when met the mascot. You all can look at his smile.

Another Rusydi's activity during the weekend. Learning to ride bicycle.

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aini said...

post ni sebenarnya, saya tulis hari Isnin tapi simpan sebagai draft. Hari Jumaat, 5 June baru siap edit dan posting. Bila posting dia keluar tarikh semasa buat draft. Ada sesiapa tau, camne nak tukar tarikh, ikut tarikh posting?