Friday, September 11, 2009

Carry Mark for Group 1 & 4

This posting is especially to my students from group 1 and group 4. Thousand apologies to group 2. I only managed to settle the carry mark for group 1 and 4 only. Starting from 9.30am, just break for Zohr prayer, I am marking assignment, key-in the marks into Excell and consultation with students. The tedious part is to choose the best five quizzes among 7 quizzes that you have done.Finally at 4pm, while my husband came to pick me up, carry mark group 2 still not finish.

I think, I put all the file and mark for group2 in my bag, so i can do it during weekend. When I checked my bag just now, it is not in the bag. Ya Allah...I think I left in my office. So, group 2, I hope you all can be more patient ya. Bulan Ramadan ni, banyak pahala kalau bersabar. So, group 2, you all have to wait until Monday ya.

I try to link to the excell file, but cannot find the button. So, at last I copy and paste the table to Paint and save as bitmap file and add as image. Hehehe..I hope it is clear. Sorry guys, mdm still new using Blogspot. For group 1, I also upload the file to the yahoo group.
Dear students, pls check your marks. If there is any mistakes, pls see me at my office on 23 - 26 sept, and bring the proof.

Carrymark for Group 1
Carry Mark for Group 4

Selamat berpuasa, dan seterusnya beraya bersama keluarga tercinta. Dan juga


Anonymous said...

Salam Mdm ayuuuuuu, is this for IL?

aini said...

u go to wrong blog. This is mdm aini blog.

Anonymous said...

Mdmmm, haha sorry, x perasan :P